headshot Alex Fischer is a Software Engineer at Adobe and a recent Carnegie Mellon University graduate with a Master of Science in Computational Design and Minor in Software Engineering where he created Quelea: agent-based design for Grasshopper as part of his thesis. He received a Bachelor of Architecture in May, 2014, with a Minor in Computer Science and completed his bachelor’s thesis, Embodied Computation: Exploring Roboforming for the Mass-Customization of Architectural Components. Alex specializes in programming computational design tools, rationalization of complex geometry for fabrication, parametric modeling, environmental analysis, robotic fabrication, and new forms of representation and interaction. He sees a future for architecture based on swarm theory with collective intelligence, real-time collaborative design through web applications, data-driven design though environmental analysis and optimization, and mass-customization via robotic fabrication.




Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Science in Computational Design, Undergraduate Minor in Software Engineering
+  Graduate GPA 3.97
Fall ’13 – Spring ’15

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Architecture with Honors, Minor in Computer Science
+  Undergraduate GPA 3.23
+  Design Studio GPA 3.61
+  CS Minor GPA 3.28
Fall ’09 – Spring ’15

The Bronx High School of Science, New York, NY
Class of 2009
+  Final GPA 3.34
Fall ’05 – Spring ’09


Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, CA
Software Engineer – 3D
July ‘15 – Present

Glob3 Mobile – 3D Globe Visualization Framework, Open Source
Committer – New Feature Development
+ Developing a Point Cloud Octree that stores data on hard disk drives.
+ Implementing features to characterize and color point clouds.
Feb ‘15 – May ’15

Autodesk – Consumer Group, San Francisco, CA
Software Engineering Intern – 3D Printing Web Services
+ Developed a web application for healing meshes for 3D Printing on 123dapp.com as a prototype for the Autodesk Spark 3D Print Studio Web Services.
+ Established a front and back end infrastructure for manipulating meshes on Autodesk’s cloud servers using Javascript, node.js, ajax, json, php, and c++.
+ Collaborated with software architects, product designers, product managers, test engineers and others to implement high-quality applications and solutions.
Summer ’14

Front Studio Architects, Pittsburgh, PA
+  Designed portions of the entry and balcony for two apartment buildings in the Strip District
+  Built scale models and created visualizations for client meetings
+  Created and revised Revit models
Summer ’13

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Research Assistant – Digital Fabrication Lab – Robotic Fabrication and Material Simulation. Fall ’14
Teaching Assistant – Institute for Software Research – Java & J2EE Programming. Fall ’14
Teaching Assistant – 4th Year Studio Integrated Systems. Spring ‘13
Teaching Assistant – Introduction to Digital Media. Fall ‘11 – Spring ‘13
Software Instructor – Skills Exchange Workshop. Fall ‘12
Assembled custom shelving/pin-up wall units. Summer ‘11

Front Studio Architects, New York, PA
Architectural Intern
+  Designed for the BOFFO Building Fashion 2012 Competition.
+  Drafted plans and elevations in AutoCAD.
Summer ‘11 & Summer ‘12

Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY
Short-term Casual – Pediatrics Department
+  Attended on-the-job classes to learn Columbia Presbyterian Hospital software
+  Converted patient charts into electronic health records
+  Filmed and edited a National Institutes of Health-funded medical documentary about children with rare genetic disorders
Summer ‘07 & Summer ‘10

Superstructures Architecture and Engineering, New York, NY
Architectural Intern
+  Drafted elevations in AutoCAD using roof plans and photographs
+  Created on-site plans and marked deficiencies for the restoration of JFK Airport
+  Filled out Submittals, Transmittals, and Specification Sheets
Summer ’09

Saratoga Associates, New York, NY
Graphic Design Assistant
+  Drafted AutoCAD drawings of floor plans and site plans
+  Assisted in the development of the firm’s website
+  Photographed architectural sites for posting on the website
+  Created a promotional video to recruit potential clients
Summer ’08


College HonorsCMU College of Fine Arts
Spring ’14

Dean’s List, CMU College of Fine Arts
Top 15 percent of class
Spring ’12, Fall ’12, Spring ’13, Fall ’13

Design Commendations, CMU School of Architecture
For excellence in design
Spring ’12, Fall ’12, Spring ’13

1st Place Term Project, 15-122 Fundamentals of Programming
Student Voted – Tangible Input Table
Summer ’13

Framework Competition Winner, 15-214 Principles of Software Construction 
TA Selected 6/72 – Social Media Analysis Framework
Spring ’14

Fourth-Year Design Awards Finalist, CMU School of Architecture
Spring ’13

EPIC Metals Design Competition Finalist, EPIC Metals Corporation
Jury Selected – Miller Gallery re-Entry: Flexible Facade
Spring ’12

Land of Tomorrow Exhibition Shortlist, suckerPUNCH.com
Jury Selected – Eco-Skin: Environmental Center
Spring ’12

Heritage Ball Scholarship Recipient, NYC AIA
For Demonstrated Potential in Architecture and Design
Oct ’09

Award for Outstanding Professionalism, NYC School Construction Authority
Aug ’08 and ’09

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Architecture, The Bronx High School of Science
Jun ’09


3D Modeling, BIM, and Analysis
+  McNeel Rhinoceros 3D & Grasshopper
+  Google Sketch-Up
+  Autodesk Revit Architecture, AutoCAD, & 3DS Max
+  Autodesk Ecotect & Project Vasari
+  Bose Acoustic Modeling Software

Graphic Representation
+  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, & After Effects
+  Vray Renderer

Digital and Analog Fabrication
+  Synchronized 6-axis ABB Industrial Robots
+  CNC Mill, Waterjet, Laser-cutter
+  FDM, SLA, & Powder 3D Printers
+  Vacuum Former
+  Woodshop experience

Parametric Modeling
+  Grasshopper 3D, Galapagos, Kangaroo, & HAL
+  Processing

Software Engineering
+  C, C#, & C++
+  Python
+  Java

Web Development
+  HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, & JSON
+  Node.js, PHP & Django

+  10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Training Course, OSHA

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