The Miller Gallery currently exists as a non-entity on the Carnegie Mellon campus. Tucked discretely into the end of the Purnell Building, there is little indication of its presence to the average passerby.

This performative facade is a reimagining of the entry sequence to the gallery which can modifies according on the needs of the gallery while establishing a more visible presence on campus. Composed of a series of manueverable EPIC EST Sun Screen panels which run along a rotational track system. Depending on its position relative to the ground, the panels can act as screens, seating, lighting, and display for artwork. Additionally, the facade can be manipulated to connect the indoor gallery space outdoors.

This reenvisioned facade is ultimately a statement to re-establish the Miller Gallery as an active public venue on campus.


Location: Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University

Class:  Studio: Structure

Date: Spring 2012, 3rd year

Duration: 3 days

Commends: EPIC Metals Competition Finalist


Render – Exterior





Physical Model Animation

Physical Model

Miller Gallery reEntry – Flexible Facade

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