Our project focused on experimenting with potential use for the IRB140 as a tool for the development and enrichment of animals, specifically with a focus on domestic cats.  Our process began with speculation on what particular functions and responsibilities the ABB robot might have in a household where owners are limited in their abilities to take care of their cats.  From there a universal tool head was developed to accomodate these tasks, and paths were generated using Robot Studio to demonstrate them.  The end product of the project was integration of a Sony Eye camera with blob detection in Processing and an Arduino / RAPID workflow that allowed for us to track the cats movements and have the robot respond to them.


Class: futureCNC / Computing for the Arts with Processing

Date: Spring 2012, 3rd year

Duration: 1.5 months

Instructor: Eric Brockmeyer and Karl Willis

Collaborators: Matt Adler


Title Screen



Animal Enrichment

You Before PetBOT

You After PetBOT

Animal Applications

Cat Requirements

Tool Head

Understanding Interactions

Litter Scooper

Sticky Buddy

petBOT – Animal Enrichment

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