Frame Assembly


Thanks to Zach Weaver for showing me how to drill the holes in concrete. Thanks to Jose Pertierra for lending his muscles to drill the holes in the concrete. Thanks to Yeliz Karadayi for her assistance in the assembly.

What is Roboforming?

Roboforming is Scalable

Roboforming is a dieless Incremental Forming Process utilizing 2 synchronized Robots. Each robot is equipt with a sphere-tipped tool-head known as a dapper-punch. The ‘master’ robot is supported by the ‘slave’ robot. A sheet of metal or plastic is secured between the two robots in a sturdy frame. The master robot pushes incrementally (millimeter by millimeter) on the sheet, forming the sheet in the shape of the tool-path, The slave robot provides leverage on the opposite side of the sheet for the master robot to push against. Roboforming, also known... Read The Rest →

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